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Coffee Solutions since 1964

For over 40 years, Café-Bar have been leaders in providing quality coffee equipment and ingredients to
major clubs, hotels, government departments and workplaces.

Café-Bar are specialists in manufacturing and supplying market leading coffee dispensing options for
any business size. Café-Bar coffee machines range from super-automatic vending machines to espresso machines, providing a wide range of coffee solutions for any coffee serving area.

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We can assist to develop a tailored solution for your commercial coffee needs.*

Business Solutions

We can assist to develop a tailored solution for your coffee needs. Click here to read more about what we can do for you.


From espresso machines to technologically advanced super-automated machines, Café-Bar has a system to suit your needs.


Café-Bar supplies the best coffee beans, ground coffee, tea, and other supplies to make your coffee experience a delight every time.

* Services and products may vary depending on location